Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I survived the 7km run!

NTV7 Feel Good Run! 

Me and 4 of my collegemates participated in the Feel Good Run organised by NTV7 in conjuction of its 13th anniversary. There are 4 catogories; 7km run, 3km run with celebrities, 3km costume run and 700m kids run.
We confidently chose to join the 7km run without thinking how far is that. HAHA smart! With only one hour 'so-called-training' few days before the actual day (me and one of my friend went for a jog around the car park at our apartment), we went for the run with high hopes and confidence to finish the 7km run! 
A day before the run, we went to KL right after work, just to collect the running kit. It was a very tiring journey because we got lost in KL! Yes! Thanks to the guards at Pudu who gave us the wrong directions! It took us about an hour to get to the place which was actually just behind the LRT station where we met earlier! 
Before the run.
So on the day, 3rd July, I woke up at 4am! See how excited I am! :P Had a very light breakfast that morning. Drove all the way back to Subang Jaya to fetch my friends. We arrived at the race location-Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, an hour before the race. The crowd was huge! Everyone was in their white event tee! 
with the costume runner
the costume runner.

We did some warm up and at 7.30am sharp, we're off running! The weather was perfect! The sun was just about to come up at the flag off time. 
As we expected, me and my friends got separated in the run. The crowd was huge and we got so little space to run. So I end up running alone. Or should I say jog? HAHA. Yeah, I jog briskly for about 2km then just did a fast walk for the after that. But at least I finish the 7km, right? :P
I managed to finish the run in 1 and a half hour. That's good for a first timer I think. :) As soon as I reached the finish line, took my cert and medal, and it rained heavily!
Our gold medals! ;p

We did it! *proud*

When the rain finally stop, we went to the carnival which was in the Sri Pentas compound. There were people singing, dancing and there are also booths around. Me and my friends tried out archery and guess what? I hit the yellow circle! HAHA first timer luck you can say!

We linger around about 2 hours and decided to go and have kolok mee for lunch before we head home. 
Overall, it was fun and we really did enjoyed ourselves! And now we are eyeing for the next race! :) 

Yoyo performance.

P/S; 7km is just a piece of cake. 

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