Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Bernadinism is a disease where the infected person have the habit of biting people especially when they got the chance to get hold of people's hand. HAHA!! :P

There you go, Bernadinelingy! 
She is a friend of mine. We quarrel, we argue, we bite, we pwned and punch each other. But we are still friends. Not to forget Ngo Meaw Kiang too. Just that she don't bite! :)
You will never find someone who you can call babi (pig) as their nickname but will never get mad. I have! We call each other babi in every conversation. I still wonder why of all animals, we chose babi. HAHA!  And the another Indian girl we call Pandi, which also means pig in Tamil (I think). You see, we are so cool. We never get offended but I bet the pig does. LOL! 

By the way, this Bernadine I talk about is a blogger too. She thinks that I'm back to blogging because of her. Ohh well, no! Stop perasan-ing! HAHA! 
You can read her blog. She is funny, she never make me stop laughing. Mensirap! :P HAHA

Bernadine's Blog


  1. awwww :pp so sweeet!! you made me smile.. :) yeah i bite, i pwn, i insult, i nag, i scold but most importantly, i love too! :D

  2. ceh ceh. hahah i hulanpa u only. :P