Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Relay For Life Malaysia!

Celebrate! Remember! Fight back!

Last weekend was great! Me and 4 of my friends joined the Relay for Life Malaysia. It was a 16 hours walk organised by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). The event was held at UKM Stadium in Bangi, started at 6pm on Saturday, 16 July and ended at 10am the next day. Yes, we slept there, under the open sky, watching the stars and pretend that airplanes are like shooting stars! and we shivered sleeping in the cold night. HAHA. :) The whole event was a great experience and we had fun all night long! Well, not really after we slept and was extremely exhausted! HAHA We did not walk for the whole 16 hours, okay? We managed to stay up and walk until it was 3.30am and we gave up and went to sleep! :)

Giving hope! Celebrate life!
We were all excited about the event and we planned everything weeks before the actual day, like what to bring, what to wear and what to expect. We did not rent the tents because it cost RM50. So to cut down the budget, we brought our own picnic mat and sleeping bags! 
Notice the sleeping bags & picnic mat! 
After we registered ourselves, got our yellow t-shirt, F&B coupons and wrist bands, the fun begins! Yay!
We made our first walk around the stadium and chose a spot which was a lil bit far from the track! Privacy yo! HAHA! It was a brilliant idea for us not to rent the tent or the site which cost RM30. No one even bother us placing our own spot for FREE!
It's Relay for Life not Bersih 2.0 HAHA
The crowd there was awesome! Everyone was in their yellow t-shirt, moving around freely without any police arresting us. Well, obviously they can't because yellow is the official color for National Cancer Society Malaysia. Am I right? ;)
A few corporate teams also joined the event such as Astro, Brothers, Sabah Tea and some teams from colleges and universities. There are also individuals like us! :)

Tun Tan Cheng Lock Nursing College
SEGI College Subang Jaya 

Throughout the event, we felt safe. We didn't even have to worry about our stuff left at our spot because we trust the people around us! Why? Because misplaced wallet, bags, keys and even shoes were reported and was found right away! Now that is what we call a true 1Malaysia! :) No one is stealing and taking people's stuff.

NCSM really did a great job organising the whole event! There were people singing and performing all night long. And for me, the most exciting part of the whole event was the Luminaria session. It is a candlelight vigil to honor those who lost their lives to cancer. We light the candles in a paper bag and put it all around the track. It was really a touching moment. Some of the family members of the deceased were given chance to tell us about the journey of their love ones who fought cancer to their last second of their life!
 And yes we cried. :'(

God loves you.

Ours. :)
After the Luminaria session, there was a lot of performance by the cancer survivors, bands and many more. Everyone enjoyed their time together, dancing and singing along with the songs.

Performance by the cancer survivors.
The Storm! 

During the event, there are two young girls go bald! Yes! Two BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! Out of nowhere, they decided to shave their hair off! This is also to collect donations for the cancer society. 
Salute you, girl!
They have the heart of an angel! 
Overall, the event was awesome and it was a new experience for us! Now we are looking forward to the next Relay for Life which is going to be in Penang this coming October. Not sure if we can make it but we'll try. :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I survived the 7km run!

NTV7 Feel Good Run! 

Me and 4 of my collegemates participated in the Feel Good Run organised by NTV7 in conjuction of its 13th anniversary. There are 4 catogories; 7km run, 3km run with celebrities, 3km costume run and 700m kids run.
We confidently chose to join the 7km run without thinking how far is that. HAHA smart! With only one hour 'so-called-training' few days before the actual day (me and one of my friend went for a jog around the car park at our apartment), we went for the run with high hopes and confidence to finish the 7km run! 
A day before the run, we went to KL right after work, just to collect the running kit. It was a very tiring journey because we got lost in KL! Yes! Thanks to the guards at Pudu who gave us the wrong directions! It took us about an hour to get to the place which was actually just behind the LRT station where we met earlier! 
Before the run.
So on the day, 3rd July, I woke up at 4am! See how excited I am! :P Had a very light breakfast that morning. Drove all the way back to Subang Jaya to fetch my friends. We arrived at the race location-Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, an hour before the race. The crowd was huge! Everyone was in their white event tee! 
with the costume runner
the costume runner.

We did some warm up and at 7.30am sharp, we're off running! The weather was perfect! The sun was just about to come up at the flag off time. 
As we expected, me and my friends got separated in the run. The crowd was huge and we got so little space to run. So I end up running alone. Or should I say jog? HAHA. Yeah, I jog briskly for about 2km then just did a fast walk for the after that. But at least I finish the 7km, right? :P
I managed to finish the run in 1 and a half hour. That's good for a first timer I think. :) As soon as I reached the finish line, took my cert and medal, and it rained heavily!
Our gold medals! ;p

We did it! *proud*

When the rain finally stop, we went to the carnival which was in the Sri Pentas compound. There were people singing, dancing and there are also booths around. Me and my friends tried out archery and guess what? I hit the yellow circle! HAHA first timer luck you can say!

We linger around about 2 hours and decided to go and have kolok mee for lunch before we head home. 
Overall, it was fun and we really did enjoyed ourselves! And now we are eyeing for the next race! :) 

Yoyo performance.

P/S; 7km is just a piece of cake. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Bernadinism is a disease where the infected person have the habit of biting people especially when they got the chance to get hold of people's hand. HAHA!! :P

There you go, Bernadinelingy! 
She is a friend of mine. We quarrel, we argue, we bite, we pwned and punch each other. But we are still friends. Not to forget Ngo Meaw Kiang too. Just that she don't bite! :)
You will never find someone who you can call babi (pig) as their nickname but will never get mad. I have! We call each other babi in every conversation. I still wonder why of all animals, we chose babi. HAHA!  And the another Indian girl we call Pandi, which also means pig in Tamil (I think). You see, we are so cool. We never get offended but I bet the pig does. LOL! 

By the way, this Bernadine I talk about is a blogger too. She thinks that I'm back to blogging because of her. Ohh well, no! Stop perasan-ing! HAHA! 
You can read her blog. She is funny, she never make me stop laughing. Mensirap! :P HAHA

Bernadine's Blog