Thursday, 2 June 2011

Amazing baby sculptures!

I wonder if you ever heard about Camille Allen?
I was reading the newspapers the other day and found an interesting article about her.

Camille Allen - the lady who sculpts cute miniature babies! 
Yes, she sculpts babies! And believe me they are amazingly adorable!
She is an artist from Canada who makes baby sculptures which looks so realistic that you can easily mistaken it as real babies!
The babies are made from professional doll sculptors' clay. She uses English mohair for the hair and blushes them with paint for realism to enhance their tiny wrinkles and creases. 

The news I read says that they are marzipan babies. But some websites claimed that they are not marzipan babies. Well, who cares?! Whatever it is, they are still amazingly cute and adorable!

 Here's some picture of the baby sculptures! 

Aren't they cute? ;)

And Camille Allen even name the babies!

This is Cameron, a baby girl. She is 4.25 inches (11cm) long.

yawning & stretching baby
She is blonde! Nope, not the dumb blonde. HAHA

This baby girl is Arabella. She is also 4.25 inches (11cm) long.

Yes. it's a girl!

Here comes the quintuplets!

They are just so adorable!

I'm not sure if they have names. Nothing stated on the website

Next one is Juliet! 3.75 inches (9cm) long. 

Aww so cute!
Look at that! Blue eyes and black hair!

The next one is Brody, a baby boy! He's only 2 inches (5.1cm) long! 

Nice baby cot! :)

Then there's Andrew! Lingy's Andrew. HAHA!

The twins! 

And Geoffrey.
High five, boy!

There is a lot more baby sculptures by Camille Allen. If I put everything here, then this entry would be too long. So if you wanna see more, you can go to her own page. This baby sculptures are for sale! You can view them here Camille Allen. She herself is one amazing lady! 

Here's a video of the baby sculptures.

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